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“I’ve always been fascinated by color, which has played a fundamental role in my personal and artistic life, arousing in me energetic emotions, sometimes conflicting. Each color has the power to convey a precise message, to enhance a specific emotional situation. I’ve tried to transfer these emotions into my creations, making them one of the essential aspects of my creations.”
Francesca Cassani, Founder and Creative Director of Francesca Cassani Fine Jewelry.
Francesca Cassani_Profile_Fine Jewelry_B
Francesca Cassani is a Swiss designer.
After many years of study, work and research in the Art world, her first great love, Francesca establishes her Brand, Francesca Cassani Fine Jewelry.
Her love for art reappears in all of her designs, together with a primal need to express herself and illustrate her way of seeing the world.
A contemporary world, exciting and fast-paced, in which a strong and determined woman finds herself, aware and self-confident, key player of her own life and madly in love with Beauty in its deepest and most intimate sense.
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