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Francesca Cassani Fine Jewelry stands for research, artistic contamination, experimentation, uniqueness, tailoring and craftsmanship.
Fil-rouge of the collections is the decomposition of shapes that, once isolated, recompose themselves with harmony and elegance designing new dynamic, fluid lines, free from conditioning and sensitive to the expression of a contemporary intimacy, daring because able to overcome the boundaries of time and space.
Francesca Cassani Fine Jewelry emerges from the desire to share a story and transform mindsets, images and sensations into unique jewelry, able to touch the soul of who wears is. 
Francesca Cassani 20210565.jpg

Inspiration hides in the most unexpected places.

Francesca Cassani, Creative Director

Precious materials bring to life true and authentic works of art, conceived as modern ornaments that embrace the human body  indulging it with elegance and sinuosity.
The first collection designed by Francesca Cassani Fine Jewelry finds its roots in deconstructivist architecture whose essence is a vision of architectural space where chaos becomes the ordering element, where the geometries are freed from structural rules and customs, acquiring a new and unique artistic identity.
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